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10 Classroom Activities to Enhance Executive Function and Improve Task Completion By Lynne Kenney

$29.00 $14.00

10 Minute Solution – 5 Day Get Fit Mix By Amy Bento

$79.00 $33.00

101 Practical Strategies for the Treatment of GAD, Panic, OCD, Social Anxiety Disorder, Phobias and Insomnia By Jennifer L. Abel

$299.00 $119.00

12-Lead ECG By Cynthia L. Webner & Karen M. Marzlin

$199.00 $79.00

12-Lead EKG & Chest X-Ray Interpretation: Enhancing Assessment Skills for Improved Outcomes By Cheryl Herrmann

$199.00 $59.00

14Four By Chrls Kresser


1St – CORE4 ABS (Harry)

$84.90 $32.00

2 Day – Managing Patient Emergencies: Critical Care Skills Every Nurse Must Know By Dr. Paul Langlois

$299.00 $89.00

2 DAY: Conservative Management of Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction & Hip Impingement By Kyndall Boyle

$299.00 $119.00

2-Day Certificate Course: CBT for Anxiety: Transformative Skills and Strategies for the Treatment of GAD, Panic Disorder, OCD and Social Anxiety By Elizabeth DuPont Spencer & Kimberly Morrow

$299.00 $119.00

2-Day Certificate Workshop Healing the Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors Transformational Approaches to Treating Complex Trauma – Janina Fisher

$299.00 $119.00

2-Day Crash Course in Cardiac Nursing By Cyndi Zarbano

$299.00 $89.00

2-Day Emergency Nursing Boot Camp By Sean G. Smith

$299.00 $89.00

2-Day Geriatric Certificate Course

$219.00 $54.00

2-Day Gerontology Certificate Course: Behavioral Interventions & Clinical Strategies By Geoffrey W. Lane

$299.00 $89.00

2-Day Motivational Interviewing Experiential Conference Mastering the Language of Change in Critical Client Conversations (Digital Seminar)

$299.00 $119.00

2-Day Trauma & Memory Workshop: Clinical Strategies to Resolve Traumatic Memories and Help Clients Reclaim Their Lives By Peter Levine

$299.00 $119.00

2-Day: Anxiety Certification Course By Janene M. Donarski

$299.00 $119.00

2-Day: Critical Care Skills Boot Camp By Sean G. Smith

$398.00 $117.00